ANIDOX:FOCUS This year, we have initiated a professional programme ANIDOX:FOCUS KOREA together with Docs Port Incheon. Shortly, we will be launching a call for applications, inviting candidates to submit a proposal for an Animated Documentary in development. The programme begins during Viborg Animation Festival which is holding a special focus on Korea this year. It then runs for 4 weeks in Sept. – Oct. 2019 where participants are teamed with an Animation studio in Viborg, Denmark – to create a teaser/trailer for their personal projects. Projects are pitched to potential Nordic co-producers in Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway, at the end of October.



ANIDOX:RESIDENCY is a programme for the production of animated documentary short films. Building on the already existing Open Workshop artist residency and ANIDOX:LAB training programme at The Animation Workshop, and with the support of at the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

ANIDOX:RESIDENCY is an artistic spearhead in the examination of the possibilities and potential of animation documentary. The Animation Workshop hosts the production and provides studio facilities, workstations, housing for the director, production support as well as financial support. The residency program is open for international filmmakers. ANIDOX:RESIDENCY has produced at least one animated documentary short film of high artistic quality every year from 2014 – 2017, leading up to events at the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. See all awarded projects

We hope to launch a new call for the ANIDOX Summer residency collaborative film project in Spring 2018.


The ANIDOX Summer Residency 2017: “Sinking of the Truth”

An ANIDOX Collaborative film project!

Project description:
In 1918, Winsor McCay was commissioned “The sinking of the Lusitania”, a propaganda film portraying the sinking of an English boat by a German submarine during WW1. Beside being an animation classic, this film is considered to be the first ever made animated documentary. 100 years later, in the age of fake news, a collective of talented animation filmmakers will gather to unearth the truth from deep waters and create a contemporary homage to the film. (link to the original film here)

7 animation artists have joined forces to create a collaborative film project. Each artist will contribute ca. 1 min. sequence which will be edited together to a short animated film. The residency takes place in Viborg, Denmark, between June and July 2017.

The project, supported by Aarhus 2017, will have a preview screening at Viborg Animation Festival in September!


ANIDOX Summer 2017 Residency filmmakers:

Supported by European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017
Produced by Michelle & Uri Kranot on behalf of The Animation Workshop
We are proud to present:

Tobias Gundorff Boesen (DK)

Denis Chapon (FR/DK)

Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (CA)

Tynesha Foreman (USA)

Wiep Teeuwisse (NL)

Sander Joon (EE)

Philip Piaget (MX)



ANIDOX:RESIDENCY is supported by