ANIDOX:VR Award 2020
Submission guidelines and regulations:


  • Submissions are open from 20 April 2020.
  • All entries shall be submitted no later than 20 July 2020 at 11:59pm (GMT).
  • The ANIDOX:VR Award competition is open to all original works, immersive and/or interactive VR experiences which can be justified as an animated documentary.
  • Submissions are opened to all works completed after 2018.
  • The devices that may be used to watch the experience: HTC Vive, Oculus or Playstation VR.
  • Only direct download of playable builds are accepted.
  • The selected experiences will be shown to the general public, industry professionals, and members of the jury as part of Viborg Animation Festival 21 – 27 September 2020.

A jury made up of a number of international industry professionals from the fields of XR, cinema and the arts will evaluate the experiences that have been selected.

The jury will award two prizes recognizing the best immersive and/or interactive works in the competition, for their contribution to innovative storytelling and production:

  • The Special Prize, with a €1,000 grant.
  • A development residency at The Animation Workshop, for the creation of new work.

– The terms of this award are specified by The Animation Workshop.

The prizes will be announced on 24th September 2020, at the ANIDOX Day events at VAF. The award will be given to the producer / creator of the experience.

ANIDOX:VR Award is supported by Viborg Animation Festival, Viborg Kommune, The Animation Workshop /Via University college, The Danish Film Institute and the Swedish Film Institute. Sponsored by Galleri NB and HTC VIVE.


  • All submissions to the ANIDOX:VR award shall be made through our online entry platform:
    • No other entries shall be taken into consideration.
    • Incomplete or incorrect entries shall be considered void.
    • Please sign up an account at FilmFreeway and add project on the platform before submission, then follow the guideline to directly upload your work.
    • Please fill out the technical form for VR Competition, and provide links for downloading.
  • By entering your work, you hereby state that you hold all the related rights to the work, or have been authorized to do so by all the rights holders.
  • Submissions shall be made in English.
  • The selected works shall be presented in English or in their original language with English or Danish subtitles. The rights holders will bear the costs of subtitling their work, if necessary.
  • Works submitted to the competition may not be withdrawn.
  • No racist or sexist content shall be accepted.
  • Submissions shall be made having read and accepted these rules and regulation.


Required information for submission
You will be asked to provide the following information or documents – please attach one PDF file:

  • General information: title, year, genre, length, format, device, version, current state of play.
  • Two synopses – 500 and 1,500 characters maximum (including spaces).
  • Information on the project’s developer or developers, producer or producers (and/or co-producer or co-producers), and creative team.
  • Information on the premiere and selection in other festivals.
  • HD images, and a video link to a trailer.
  • Direct links for download of playable build.
  • Please specify the devices that may be used to watch the experience (At this point we only offer HTC Vive and Oculus)
  • The required dimensions (when applicable)
  • Any technical or logistic information relevant to the presentation of the work (when applicable)



Presentation during the festival
Should your experience be selected by the board, it will be showcased on 21–27 September 2020 at Viborg Animation Festival. The selection committee shall determine:

The area or areas in which each experience will be seen.
The time or times when each experience will be available.
Installation considerations / specifications shall be discussed with creators.

Selection announcement

The list of selected experiences will be announced by email to the main applicant, and publicly, by the beginning of September. The selected projects’ rights holders shall send the completed and signed contract officially establishing their selection to the ANIDOX:VR Award within one week.

Logos/ publicity

Should the selected work be awarded a prize, the rights holders for the awarded works agree to include the ANIDOX logo on all promotional and publicity material pertaining to the work (trailer, website, press kit, poster, etc.).


Press kits

The information and materials submitted will be used by the Festival’s communications team. They must be notified of any changes taking place between submission and selection as quickly as possible, and no later than 10 September 2019.


Visuals – HD and not subject to copyright – that were sent along with the submission form will be used by the Festival to publicize the selection. The Festival also reserves the right to reuse them on its various communication channels, for promotional purposes.


The creators the selected work shall receive up to two invitations the Viborg Animation Festival and which will take place from 21 to 27 September 2020. Invitations include festival accreditation, travel expenses (within Europe) and accommodations for the festival duration. Should other members of the team wish to attend, travel and accommodation costs shall be paid by the developers / producers of the selected works.


 By submitting your project to the 2020 ANIDOX:VR Award, you agree to our data processing policy, in accordance with the GDPR.

For any questions regarding the ANIDOX:VR Award, please contact Michelle Kranot , ANIDOX Producer by email: