Speakers // ANIDOX:LAB

Uri Kranot

ANIDOX:LAB // Main tutor

Uri is the main tutor and content supervisor of AniDox:Lab and he is passionate about Animated Documentaries.
His role is to enrich and support each participant, introduce and create the framework for the guest speakers and guide both the development and output of the projects.
Uri is an award winning filmmaker and animation director. Originally from Israel, he has been living, working and making films in different countries. Together with partner and co-director Michelle Kranot, their films won more than a hundred international prizes. The Kranots first gained recognition with works such as Black Tape, Hollow Land, How Long not long and most recently, the VR film installation Nothing Happens. They have been honored with the top industry awards for their work, including The Danish Statens Kunstfond award for the performing arts, the Fipresci Prize, the Oscar® Academy Award Shortlist, the Amnesty Int. Award and the Lumen Prize for digital arts. Their installation works have recently been exhibited in Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, The Venice Biennale, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Today Art Museum Beijing and Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
Uri has been working as artist in residence at the “Animation Workshop” in Viborg, Denmark, where he also teaches at the bachelor program, supervising graduation projects and other professional courses.

Klara Grunning

Consultant and Guest Speaker

Emmy Award winning Grunning-Harris is a freelance content, production, distribution, financing consultant and executive producer for film, TV and cross media world-wide. Currently, Klara is the film consultant for the Swedish Film Institute, she has been working as the film consultant for documentary feature and short films at the Royal Danish Film Institute. Klara has expertise in international co-production, content and editing for distribution and financing, versioning for different market and works closely to customise strategies for all aspects of production.

Erik Gandini

Instructor and Guest Speaker

Erik Gandini is an acclaimed Swedish film director, producer and writer. Born in Bergamo, Italy, Gandini moved to Sweden at the age of 19.
He has made several films including: Amerasians (1998),  Sacrificio: Who Betrayed Che Guevara? (2001), Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers (2003), Gitmo (2005) and Videocracy (2009). Videocracy has gone on to win awards at Toronto Film Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, the Golden Graal Awards and the Tempo Documentary Award 2010. Erik Gandini is one of the founders of Swedish production company Atmo and FASAD.

Abigail Addison

Consultant and Guest Speaker

Abigail Addison is Director of Animate Projects, an arts agency that champions creative animation practice. She is also a freelance producer working with cultural organisations such as Lupus Films and individual artist filmmakers like Chris Shepherd and Lizzy Hobbs on developing, producing, promoting and distributing moving image projects.

Abigail has produced more than 30 films, including 15 shorts for Channel 4’s Random Acts, which have screened at international festivals including Annecy, Holland Animation Film Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival, and Oberhausen International Short Film Festival.Most recently, Abigail produced Silent Signal, a Wellcome Trust supported project, bringing together animators and scientists to produce six short animations for exhibition at UK galleries and multiple festival screenings.

Juan Pablo Libossart

Guest speaker

Juan Pablo Libossart is Documentary Film Commissioner at the Swedish Film Institute.

He is a film producer, director and script writer, born 1978 in Argentina. He received a European Master in Audiovisual Management at MEDIA Business School and completed European Producers Workshop (EAVE) 2013.Juan wrote and directed the short film Amalimbo which competed in Venice 2016 and was nominated for a European Film Award.
Most recently, he worked as producer at Fasad, where he, among other things, produced Erik Gandini’s documentary The Swedish Theory of Love (2016) and Cosmopolitanism (2015, with Jesper Kurlandsky).

Paul Bush

Consultant and Guest Speaker

Paul Bush’s films challenge the boundaries that separate fiction, documentary and animation. His background in Fine Art is an influence on all his work and this is reflected in its inclusion in art collections and exhibitions as well as cinema distribution and television broadcast.  His first feature Babeldom was completed in 2012. His recent award winning short film “The 5 min. Museum” is currently being shown world wide.

Jakob Høgel

Consultant and Guest Speaker

Jakob Høgel is a Producer at Meta Film and a freelance consultant. The former Artistic Director and commissioner of New Danish Screen, Danish Film Institute.

Jakob Høgel works on projects that break new ground and which require unusual collaborations and has been advisor for ANIDOX since its launch. He is accustomed to working across borders, geographically but also in terms of genres and platforms. Høgel is a Visual Anthropologist with a focus on developing film sectors and policy in places such as Bhutan, the Caucasus and the Middle East.

Cecilia Lidin

Instructor and guest speaker

As the documentary film consultant at the Danish Film Institute, Cecilia Lidin’s primary task is ensuring the final artistic evaluation of applications for development and production. Cecilia Lidin comes to Film Institute with a solid experience in the development and financing of documentaries, particularly on an international scale: From 2011 to June 2015 she was employed at the Swedish Film Institute as a documentary consultant, where she helped to support films as “Concerning Violence,” “A thousand Bitar” and “Pervert Park”. From 2009 to 2011, Cecilia Lidin head of the European Documentary Network, an international network for documentary filmmakers, where she was previously assigned as a consultant. Cecilia Lidin has been artistic director of Odense International Film Festival, the work of promotion of Nordic short films and documentaries at the Film Point and for a time worked as a consultant for The West Danish Film Fund. Cecilia Lidin graduated in Film Studies from the University of Copenhagen.

Samantha Moore

Instructor and guest speaker

Sam Moore is an animated documentary maker who is passionate about the ability of animation to convey insights into tricky documentary topics. She has made work about competitive sweet pea growing, phantom limb syndrome, twins and multiple births, audio-visual synaesthesia, micro-biology, archaeological finds, and now the manufacturing of knickers.

Sam’s films have won awards all over the world and she has a Ph.D. (2015) about the way animation can be used to document perceptual brain states, such as phantom limb syndrome and face blindness. Her artistic methodology is based on establishing strong symbiotic working collaborations with the people who are represented in her films.
Samantha is a senior lecturer at Manchester Met University, a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy and she writes about animated documentary (most recently a chapter in Drawn From Life, EUP, 2019). She guest lectures regularly both on the UK and abroad.

Ane Mandrup Pedersen

Host and Guest Speaker

Ane Mandrup Pedersen is currently Head of the Production & Developing Unit for Short & Documentary Film at The Danish film Institute. She has an M.A. in French and Film Studies. Producer of documentaries and shorts, both as a freelancer and, from 2005-2008, at Tju-Bang Film. Her productions include “The President” and “Vote for change” by Christoffer Guldbrandsen, ” I Lie Awake” and “Too Young to Die” by Christina Rosendahl, “Mechanical Love (line producer) and “Gambler” (producer assistant) by Phie Ambo, and “The Monastery” (line producer) by Pernille Rose Grønkjær. Mandrup has worked in marketing at Have Communications and, most recently, at the Danish national broadcaster DR as a producer and marketing consultant at the international documentary project “Why Poverty?”. Furthermore, Mandrup has worked with communication of Danish film and TV at the Consulate General of Denmark in New York, and taught film history and -science at University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark.

Hans Frederik Jacobsen

Instructor and ANIDOX consultant

Hans Frederik Jacobsen is a freelance scriptwriter and videographer with a background in Literature & Criticism from Goldsmith’s College, London. He has written and consulted on scripts produced at the Danish Film School, Filmværkstedet and New Danish Screen. Previously a programme assistant at CPH:DOX, he now works with the festival as resident writer on a forthcoming festival journal about film and art. For the last year he has also been in production of an animated series through an artist residency at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

Amalie Olesen


Amalie Olesen is a Danish playwright, freelance writer and script consultant living in Viborg. She had her debut at Aarhus Theater in September 2016 and has had numerous premieres in Denmark, since her graduation from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Playwriting June 2016. Amalie works with The National Theatre in Reykjavik, she works in Oslo and recently, on an archeology-based project in Kochi, Japan. Her classical theater training and her focus is story and myth is a welcome addition to the ANIDOX script consultant team.

Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen

Consultant and Guest panel

Cecilie is now the film consultant for Viken Filmsenter – the largest regional film fund in Norway. She has worked for a long time also in Sweden and Denmark. She has been particularly focused on new media and project management for creative industries, and has also, for several years, been in management of the Nordic Panorama festival in Malmö.


Anca Damian

Instructor and Guest Speaker

A prominent animation director and teacher – Anca will be presenting and discussing her work. Her Animated documentary film “Crulic – The Path to Beyond” has won many prestigious awards. Other films include: “A Very Unsettled Summer” (2013) and most recently, “The Magic Mountain” (2015), which premiered in Annecy 2015. Anca makes feature animation films and is based in Bucharest, Romania.

Charlotte de La Gournerie

Graduated from Gobelins School in France from the production department with a specialty in animation production and in transmedia projects. She worked as a production manager in France. After Animation Sans Frontières, a workshop supported by Creative Europe, she moved to Denmark to work as a producer. In 2015, she became partner at Sun Creature Studio.
With two successful Kickstarter campaigns, she has strong knowledge within the field of Crowdfunding & Social Media Management, which she loves to share.

Tim Webb

Consultant and Guest Speaker

Tim Webb is senior tutor in Animation at the Royal College of Art and an animation director. He has been working in animation since 1982. In 1991, Webb was commissioned by Channel 4 to make ‘A is for Autism’, for a season of programmes on disability. The film was well received, winning numerous international awards. The film has been written about in numerous books and papers as part of the now recognized genre, ‘animated documentary’ and still has regular screening in animation festival screenings.  Webb went on to make other award winning films ‘15th February’ 1995 and ‘Six of One’ 2000. In 2001 Webb gained a learning and teaching funds and then a Teaching Fellowship 2006-7, to develop and make 3 film-editing workshops. The workshops are on the themes ‘structure’ and ‘continuity and ‘discontinuity’ and ‘rhythm and time’. Webb’s most recent commercial work in 2016 was to direct a special sequence within an episode of  the cartoon network series ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’.

Jean-Jacques Peretti

Consultant and Guest Speaker

Peretti is an international consultant working in different audiovisual areas.
At Sunny Side of the Doc, Peretti is programming the Sunny Lab, the transmedia department of the market dealing with VR, gaming, Animation, data journalism, any type of new narrations for docs. Previously in charge of the international relations for Cross Video Days, the Transmedia market based in Paris, and head of international relations for Sunny Side of the Doc, the International Documentary Market. Peretti has also worked in Paris as a production manager, specialized in Documentary series and an as independent producer.

Andy Glynne

Instructor and ANIDOX consultant

Andy is a double-BAFTA Award winning filmmaker, a producer and an author. Originally trained as a clinical psychologist, he went on to create the national documentary organisation, DFG – The Documentary Filmmakers Group – and now runs Mosaic Films, a multi-award winning production company, which has developed a unique reputation for specialising in animated documentaries, including award-winning output such as “Animated Minds”, “”Seeking Refuge”, and many others. He’s also author of the book “Documentaries and How to Make Them”. Andy is also the Chairman of the European Documentary Network,  a trainer on many documentary and production courses both in the UK and overseas, and a consultant to numerous organisations and broadcasters around the world.

Asta Wellejus

Interactive pioneer – transmedia developer and producer Asta Wellejus is an experienced transmedia producer/ developer. She was headhunted by Lars von Trier in 1997 to develop new ways of combining film, theatre, role playing and games, Asta co-founded Zentropa Interaction in 1999, producing interactive formats (Films, Games, ARG´s, Alternate Launch, Exhibition, Role plays, and Mobile learning tools etc) In 2007 she founded ”Die Asta Experience” to focus on digital interactive media and audience participation. Markets; Broadcast/ film, NGOS, brands, games, attractions and experimental art.

Aïda del Solar

Aïda del Solar is born in Lima, Perú. She has a Master Degree in Filmmaking and Animation in ENSad and Scriptwriting at La Femis schools. Working with fictions, documentaries and interactive projects needing animation, her most important projects were an interactive gaming path for a museum of the famous cheese The Laughing Cow for Bel, video games for Sony, Philips and an animated TV series for Xilam studios, Stupid Invaders. She has taught film direction and scriptwirting-storytelling at ENsad, Supinfocom, Paris 8 University. Until recently, she has been the pedagogical coordinator and titular teacher at the Animation department at Gobelins, Paris.

Lawrence Marvit

Consultant and Guest Speaker

Lawrence Marvit is an Eisner-nominated writer and artist who has designed for animated films, television, games, theater, and comics for such clients as Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Sony, Disney TV, Wild Brain, S.L.G. Publishing, Oni Press, and Pixar. He has also taught for many years focusing on story, dialogue, design, composition, color, figure drawing, anatomy, landscape drawing, and art history.

Ole Wendorff-Østergaard

Sputnik Film and Producer Ole Wendorff-Østergaard has large co-production and film finance experience from films such as “Antichrist” by Lars von Trier, “The Woman who Dreamt of a Man” by Per Fly and “The Model” by Mads Matthisen. From 2007 to 2010 Ole was a financial producer at Zentropa in Denmark and a part of the producer’s team making 9 features with a total budget of over 35 mill €. Ole has co-produced with the following countries: France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK, Hungary and Germany. Since moving to Poland in 2008 Ole started up Zentropa International Poland and is now running his own company Sputnik Film which works as Delegate Producer for Platige Image on the animated feature “Another Day of Life” (2017).