ANIDOX Programs

ANIDOX has a number of programs and initiatives to support and inspire factual filmmakers in new media. These are our key programs:

  • ANIDOX:LAB. ANIDOX:LAB is part of The Animation Workshop/VIA University College professional training program. It is an annual programme of seminars and consultations for animation artists, directors, producers, and professionals with a documentary project in development. More information
  • ANIDOX:VR. ANIDOX:VR is an annual exhibition and competition for exceptional factual and visual storytelling in emerging media and VR. Held during the Viborg Animation Festival, Anidox:VR events include seminars and talks, exhibitions and special screenings, and an award ceremony. ANIDOX:VR jury prizes include an ANIDOX:RESIDENCY for the development of new works. More information 
  • ANIDOX:RESIDENCY. The ANIDOX:RESIDENCY is a member of The Animation Workshop’s Open Workshop residency program. The residency is open to international filmmakers, and supports the development and production of animated documentary short films, virtual reality, and other emerging media formats. More information
  • ANIDOX:YOUTH. In partnership with Animated Learning Lab (ALL), ANIDOX:YOUTH offers creative hands-on workshops for educators and young people, enriching the learning experience with digital mediums and storytelling.
  • ANIDOX workshops and masterclasses. Throughout the year, ANIDOX hosts seminars, workshops, and masterclasses. Visit our events page for upcoming opportunities, or contact us for more information.