21 – 22 October 2020

Fredrikstad Animation Film Festival, Norway

The workshop will take place in Fredrikstad and online: Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 of October. Guided by ANIDOX mentors Uri Kranot and Michelle Kranot together with Cecilie Bjøraraa (Producer, True Fiction, NO). The workshop concludes with a pitching event for professionals from the field of animation and documentary, as part of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival.

Read more about the projects here (in Finnish):

With kind support from Viken Filmsenter.

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26 – 28 August 2020
Turku, Finland

Turku Animation Film Festival

A 3-day industry event TAFF Pro will be held as a part of Turku Animated Film Festival. During the event a two-day workshop (26th-27th) will be held, giving documentary and animation filmmakers the chance to meet and develop animated documentaries or documentaries that will use animation as a tool for storytelling.

Masterclasses, individual project feedback sessions and more. Concluding with a public pitch session on the industry day of TAFF Pro (28/08/2020) .The workshop is open for Finnish professional filmmakers in the field of animation and documentaries.

With kind support from Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, Scene Turku,

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TUTORS: Uri Kranot, ANIDOX tutor and filmmaker // Anca Damian, Filmmaker and producer, Aparte Film


03 – 05 February 2020
MiradasDoc, Tenerife

III LABORATORY for Animated Documentary projects in development

Miradasdoc ANIDOCS SUR lab

This third edition of the Animation Laboratory at Miradasdoc is a workshop specializing in animated documentaries, led by animation professionals, the workshop is designed to guide individual projects and share knowledge with a group of keen filmmakers.The format will combine presentations with one-on one tutoring, as well as providing access and arranging meetings with decision makers attending Miradsdoc film market. For Animated documentary projects – Short films, feature length, Hybrid and new media projects. International: with special focus on Latin America and Africa.

PLACE AND DATE: Guía de Isora (Tenerife). From 3rd until 5th February 2020. With the option to plan meetings with professionals of the audiovisual industry attending Miradasdoc Market on 6th and 7th of February 2020.

TUTORS: Michelle Kranot, ANIDOX Producer and filmmaker // Juan Libossart, Commissioner, Swedish Film Institute. Agota Vegso, Producer and filmmaker.

PITCH PANEL: Jane Mote, Anton Calleja, Marina Kezen, Luisa Schwamborn, Montserrat Armengo


23 – 24 October 2019
Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway

Fredrikstad Animation Festival

As part of a collaboration between the festival, ANIDOX and Viken regional film centre, a two-day workshop will be held, giving documentary and animation filmmakers the chance to meet and develop pitches for animated documentaries or documentaries that will use animation as a tool for storytelling. Participants will get instant feedback on their projects from highly-acclaimed filmmakers in the field of animation and documentary. Concluding the workshop, the projects will be presented during a public pitch session at the House of Literature in Fredrikstad.

The workshop is open for professional filmmakers in the field of animation and documentaries. Students with an animated documentary project are welcome to apply, but projects presented by professionals will be prioritised.

The registration form can be found here. The registration form should include a pdf including: project description, directors statement, short bio, CV, links to previous works and 1-2 applicable images.

The workshop is led by Frode Søbstad and Uri Kranot.

ANIDOX Day at Viborg Animation Festival, Viborg Denmark.

26 September 2019

Viborg Animation Festival has always put a special focus on Animated Docs.; This year they are hosting ANIDOX:VR Award exhibition:
“Based on a true experience!” – Animated Documentary: Visions of (Virtual) Reality. ANIDOX and The Animation workshop are offering two awards for innovative animated documentary storytelling in VR; Including a Residency for the development of new works.

We will be celebrating the exhibition of the selected works and the award event, as part of Viborg Animation Festival: ANIDOX Day is a summit forum, seminar and exhibition – ANIDOX Day celebrates both the launch of the ANIDOX:FOCUS Korea and the first ever International ANIDOX:VR Competition.

We present a compelling showcase and expert sessions: Drawing audiences and professionals from the worlds of science, tech, business and the arts. Special guests and selected projects will be announced shortly!


13:00 – 14:30 Seminar / Forum: Animated Docs. In VR – Meet the experts, jury and contributing artists.
15:00 – 19:00 Exhibition: VR competition / Værkstedscenen Ammunitionsvej 6, Viborg.
16:30 – 18:00 ANIDOX film screening: Delta Zoo, Dir. Andrius Lekavičius (Lithuania) 2019 / Fotorama Sal 2
20:00 – 21:30 ANIDOX film screening: Chris the Swiss, Dir. Anja Kofmel (Switzerland) 2018 / Fotorama Sal 2

The awards will be announced at Viborg Animation Festival closing ceremony: 28th September

The VR Exhibition is open to the public:

26.9 15:00 – 19:00
27.9 15:00 – 22:00
28.9 10:00 – 19:00
29.9 10:00 – 14:00



7 September 2019
Animanima Festival, Cacak, Serbia

Presentation: ANIDOX – Animated Documentaries with Uri Kranot

17 – 19 June 2019
MiradasDocs. Tenerife

Event link and APPLICATION: MiradasDoc. ANIDOX Workshop

WORKSHOP for animated documentaries – Projects in development

This second edition of the Animation Laboratory at Miradasdoc is a workshop specializing in animated documentaries, led by animation professionals, where participants can acquire all the knowledge necessary to take their projects to fruition. It will focus mainly on projects in an early stage of development and, thanks to the personalized attention that participants will receive, by the end of the process their projects will be stronger. The format will combine presentations with private tutoring.

PLACE AND DATE: Guía de Isora (Tenerife). From 17th until 19th June 2019. With the option to plan meetings with professionals of the audiovisual industry attending Miradasdoc Market on 20th and 21st of June 2019.
SCOPE: International
PROJECTS THAT CAN BE ENTERED: One-off short films/feature animated documentary films.
APPLICATIONS OPEN: 15th November. Deadline: 31st March.
WORKSHOP COST: Participation cost is 100 euros (this includes registration for the Market and accommodation in a shared room in the local town hostel). Not including travel.

GUEST TUTORS: Paul Bush, Filmmaker and ANIDOX mentor / Tonina Matamalas, Filmmaker and ANIDOX alumni


8 May 2019 // ANIDOX:SEMINAR

Anifilm Trebon , (Czech Rep.)

Event link: ANIDOX at Anifilm Trebon

Director Martina Scarpelli, will present a series of short animated documentary produced and/or developed within ANIDOX frameworks.
“We will look at how animation can be used to comment on the world, and tell other stories than the ones we know.”

21st November 2018 // 17:00 – 19:45
Viscosi 745 Rex, Luzern

Event link: HSLU Seminar

As part of the inaugural lecture at the HSLU (The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences) on the subject of “Migration”, the animation department invites Anja Kofmel (between the front lines) and Uri Kranot (animated resistance). The event is public.

27th September 2018 // 19:30
Sal 2, Fotorama

Event link: Viborg Animation Festival 2018

Viborg Animation Festival Presents: “ANIDOX:LAB Projects 2013-2017″ – A compilation of teasers, trailers and shorts, from works-in-progress to stories of success!

SFI Filmrummet Presents: “Beyond Reality– A conversation exploring the creative power of animated documentary storytelling”

23th September 2018 // 16:30-17:30
Cinema Panora 2

Event link: SFI Filmrummet @Nordisk Panorama

Juan Pablo Libossart and Klara Grunning – moderators from Svenska Filminstitutet
In this session, we meet filmmakers who will share and discuss the creative processes and power of working with animated documentary, through three case studies (FLEE, CRAIG and THE NIGHT). The goal is to obtain a deeper insight into how to discover, realise and create images through animation when they have been lost, and how, through new artistic expression and visual voice, we can take ownership of memories and past human experiences. This conversation will also touch on the challenges of financing, presenting and producing animated documentaries.

Sci-Vi Conference 29th September 2017 // 12:30-14:00
The Animation Workshop

Event link: Sci Vi Seminar

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW) & Research Center: Visual Studies and Learning Design, Aalborg University (ViLD) invites you to a conference on science animation and visual research dissemination. Learning from state-of-the-art case-studies and ongoing research projects, we will discuss how 2D and 3D-visualisation and animation, narrative structures, and levels of temporal information can be combined in functional animation e.g. for educational or didactic purposes, or in the presentation or development of scientific material.

Turku Animation Film Festival, Finland // 23-27 August

Event link: Turku Animated Film Festival: ANIDOX:SEMINAR

Seminar: Uri Kranot presents the ANIDOX:LAB and Residency films and discusses the role of animated documentary and commentary in this age of ‘fake news’. Open both to the public and to professionals with projects!


CPH:DOX 21st March 2017 // 13:00-14:00 Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Event link: CPH:DOX x ANIDOX:SEMINAR – Animation meets documentary

At CPH:DOX, ANIDOX:LAB producer Michelle Kranot hosts a selection of projects, in various stages of development, discussing the expanding boundaries of animated documentaries. These case studies are aimed to interest and inspire creative producers, fellow filmmakers and potential collaborators:
Carla MacKinnon (UK) – Presenting Black rain. A short, poetic animated documentary about the poorly-understood condition of chronic pain, and about those who experience it. Carla is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher, working across animation, art, film and live events.
Anne-Katrine Hansen (DK) – Presenting Taking Place in collaboration with HuskMitNavn. An eye-opening tour of the unseen city of Copenhagen – the artist HuskMitNavn brings playful attention to the social and political realities of urban life. Anne Katrine is a visual anthropologist and filmmaker.
Claudia Bille Stræde (DK) – Presenting Arret / The scar. A Short animated doc. about a young woman who tries to break the pattern of silence in her family. Claudia is a film director graduated from The Danish Film School’s animation department.


Nordisk Panorama 17th September 2016

Event link: Nordisk Panorama ANIDOX:MASTERCLASS – Animating real life

The Animation Workshop’s ANIDOX programme lead by Michelle and Uri Kranot is a unique opportunity to produce, develop projects and share knowledge about animated documentaries.
In 2014 celebrated documentarian Erik Gandini contacted Michelle and Uri to collaborate on the film COSMOPOLITANISM. In this case study of  COSMOPOLITANISM, Uri and Erik will demonstrate the strengths and challenges of creating an animated documentary, the fruit of a collaborative creative process. Coming from very different schools of filmmaking, they will show how they managed to weave together a project based on those two approaches.
The session will be moderated by Producer Klara Grunning Harris of the Swedish film institute and will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions and discuss projects with the filmmakers and the ANIDOX team.