ANIDOX present the 4rd ANIDOX:VR Awards & Exhibition – A programme uniquely addressing factual and visual storytelling in emerging media/VR. Award includes a residency for development of new works.

The ANIDOX:VR Awards are showcased at NB Gallery (Sankt Mathias Gade 14, 8800 Viborg) as part of the Viborg Animation Festival 21 Sept. – 3 Oct. 2022 Viborg, Denmark. Events include a seminar (29.09.22 13:00-15:00) with talks, panel discussions and special screenings. The exhibition is free and open for the public 30.09.22-02.10.22 10:00-18:00

Submissions are open until 20.07.22
Apply here:
Waiver code: Anidox2022

ANIDOX:VR Awards is hosted by Viborg Animation Festival, and supported by Viborg Municipality, The Danish Film Institute and Vision Denmark. Sponsored by HTC VIVE and NB Gallery.