• Exit Tale_Mariana Cadenas_ANIDOX SUR 2021

    ANIDOCS:SUR takes place at MiradasDoc (Feb – March 2022): Special focus on development of animation documentary projects (films/VR/multimedia) with themes from the Global South, or related to Africa or Latin America.

  • award announcement

    Thanks to all the people who came to our ANIDOX:VR show! Thanks to those who partcipated with wonderful projects! The Jury Prize is awarded to Replacements by Jonthan Hagard. The Residency Award to Blowing through the curtains by Abner Preis. Thanks to the team and all the supporters & sponsors

  • flee sundance Flee wins at sundance

    “Jonas Poher Rasmussen was one of our first ANIDOX:LAB participants in 2013: The very first trailer for FLEE was supported and created by ANIDOX artists Jody Ghani Nordby and Adrian Dexter. We are so very pleased to have followed Jonas and his team from ‘Final Cut for Real’ and ‘Sun Creature Studio’ throughout their journey. The success of FLEE paves the way for more animated documentaries and establishes Danish animation at the forefront of the industry. Congratulations to Jonas and to all the film’s backers – for proving that risks are worth taking! Congratulations to the international creative team that made it possible”

  • Calling young Danish Animation directors with a documentary project – Check out the DR Talentpris: DR Talent Award 2021
    Deadline 1 February 2021

  • IMG-9690@2x

    Special focus on Danish animation at Fantoche 2020: Egg, How Long Not Long, and TEU to name a few!

  • Microcassette Igor Bezinovic and Ivana Pipal_Mikrokazeta

    Microcassette – The Smallest Cassette I’ve Ever Seen by Igor Bezinović and Ivana Pipal has won two awards at the StopTrik International Film Festival – the Maribor Audience Grand Prix and the Maribor Student Jury Award in the Borderlands Competition. The project was developed at ANIDOX:LAB 2014