ANIDOX Workshop

Julian Vargas_Adil Julian Vargas_Adil
30.10.20 - 05.10.20

ANIDOX Workshop

Fredrikstad Animation Film Festival, Norway

The workshop is guided by ANIDOX mentors Uri Kranot and Michelle Kranot together with Cecilie Bjøraraa (Producer, True Fiction, NO). Concluding with a pitching event for professionals from the field of animation and documentary, as part of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival. With kind support from Viken Filmsenter.

Projects 2020:

Julian Nazario Vargas and Adil Kahn – Adil (Feature)
Cecilie Levy and Hilde Kirstin Kjøs – Finding Frida (VR)
Emanuel Nordrum and Jennifer Varino – The wolf and the lamb (VR)
Eva Damhein and Wenche Hellekaas – The mind is a lonely place (Series)