Julian Vargas_Adil Julian Vargas_Adil
30.10.20 - 05.10.20

ANIDOX Workshop

Fredrikstad Animation Film Festival, Norway

ANIDOX Workshop

The workshop is guided by ANIDOX mentors Uri Kranot and Michelle Kranot together with Cecilie Bjøraraa (Producer, True Fiction, NO). Concluding with a pitching event for professionals from the field of animation and documentary, as part of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival. With kind support from Viken Filmsenter.

Projects 2020:

Julian Nazario Vargas and Adil Kahn – Adil (Feature)
Cecilie Levy and Hilde Kirstin Kjøs – Finding Frida (VR)
Emanuel Nordrum and Jennifer Varino – The wolf and the lamb (VR)
Eva Damhein and Wenche Hellekaas – The mind is a lonely place (Series)