COSMOPOLITANISM // Erik Gandini, Michelle and Uri Kranot

Project Description

Cosmopolitanism as an idea challenges us to think about a universal belonging that doesn’t confine itself to a city, region or national boundary. In an age in which xenophobia, nationalism and intolerance are a daily occurrence, we have grown accustomed to thinking of the world as divided among warring creeds and cultures, separated from one another by a chasm of incomprehension.

The film Cosmopolitanism directed by Erik Gandini highlights the best intellectual arguments for this compelling vision through interviews with the world’s most prominent Cosmopolitanists including Kwame Anthony Appiah, Nikos Papastergiadis, Miyase Christensen and Kofi Annan. Portraying their words with the most stunning imagery by Academy Award shortlisted animators Michelle and Uri Kranot.

Project Details

Format Documentary Animation 16 Min. Production 2015 Sweden, Denmark Direction Erik Gandini Animation Directors Michelle and Uri Kranot Contact , www.fasad,se