LETTING GO // Ülo Pikkov

Project Description

Our culture is based on stories. Stories make up our foundation. We can look at our lives as a story – our biography is our life story. Like the stories, some people are tragic and some are funny and some we do not understand at all.
But what happens when these stories shouldn’t be told? Is it possible to let go of a story, to give it up? Is it possible to make a film about a girl whose only desire is to be rid of her story and to forget it for good?
“Letting Go” is an animated documentary about a young girl who wants to let go of the shadows that haunt her past.

“Letting Go” is financed by Estonian Film Institute, ANIDOX Residency and Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
An  Estonian-Danish coproduction between Nukufilm, Silmviburlane and ANIDOX, the film would be ready for premiere in the autumn of 2017.

Project Details

Format Animation short, 11 min. Contact ylo@silmviburlane.ee