The shadows of the desert // Franziska Schönenberger, Jayakrishnan Subramanian

Project Description

Length: 86 min.

Baskaran of India, went to Dubai as a construction worker to give his children a better future and was sent back dead in a coffin. Officially, it is said from Dubai, it was suicide. But his family is sure: Baskaran was murdered. Artist Jayakrishnan Subramanian and co-director Franziska Schönenberger follow in the footsteps of history and give us a deep insight into the merciless business with the Indian temporary workers and their difficult living conditions.

Author: Jaykrishnan Subramanian, Franziska Schönenberger. Camera: Christopher Aoun. Sound: Andreas Goldbrunner. Cut: Robert Vakily. Music: Vedanth Bharadwaj, Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy. Production: Nominal Film. Producer: Maximilian Plettau.

Shadows of the desert