ANIDOX, in partnership with The Animation Workshop / VIA University College, Center for Animation, Visualization and Digital Storytelling, Research and Development Center for Creative Industries and Professions, Denmark, conducts annual research into the state of independent film, media production, platforms, and more. Our goal is to explore the current challenges and opportunities for independent filmmakers, and act as a resource for further support and policy decisions.

Indie Online 2022: Access to Audiences

Our 2021-2022 research focused on the specific opportunities and challenges for independent VR projects, which lack an appropriate platform and distribution method that meets the needs of creators and audiences. 

We interviewed a wide range of VR professionals to identify trends and insider experiences, and present our findings of what an appropriate, scalable, independent, new media platform needs to be. In collaboration with XR Must and Villon adVentures.

Read the full report here.

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Indie Online 2021: Adapting to New Platforms

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a sudden and dramatic shift to new online platforms, often with little support, notice, or training. Our 2020 research is a resource for animation creators and producers shifting to new platforms, as well as laying the groundwork for further areas of research and exploration. 

Read the full report here.