• nana torp galaxy 1 Nana Torp_ Human galaxy 01

    With a personal approach to neuroscience, The Human Galaxy is a philosophical journey walking the line of science where the abstract world of thoughts, actually changes material and atoms.
    Recent science is finding mindblowing facts about our everyday life, and I will ask scientists from different fields about their approach to the question – is there anything objective about reality?

  • Thabi Mooi_Liberation Thabi Mooi_Liberation

    After thirty years of silence, filmmaker Thabi takes her father on a quest to finally investigate his traumatic past as a South African armed freedom fighter. Their epic journey leads them across the whole of Southern Africa, to the key places of her father’s life as a soldier. But also through their inner worlds, closely following the intimate process between father and daughter. This way, their journey becomes a final attempt to face the past and heal their disturbed bond.

  • robin jensen asteroid 2 Robin Jensen_Asteroid 2

    If someone discovered our planet, what would they find? A film about the ecological collapse on Easter island and the metaphor it represents today.

  • Leena_Jääskeläinen_Making art in my dreams 1 Leena_Jääskeläinen_Making art in my dreams 1

    Have a look inside creative subconscious! What do artists dream about? Spies exposed by language, trees full of panthers, being late for a gig – their work. And a lot of times their work is influenced by dreams. A theremin player, a painter, and a poet share their inner worlds in a virtual reality experience.

  • Irina Rubina_Osja 02 Irina Rubina_Osja 02

    How can poetry be in opposition to a regime? To the regime that was born from big ideals but turned into firm structures driven by greed for power, destroying and exterminating fragile human lives.
    The tragic history of the poet Osip Mandelstam mixed with associative, defragmented sounds and images inspired by his poetry: a sensual and absurd experience through the lens of the past.

  • FLEE_Jonas Poher Rasmussen

    FLEE tells the extraordinary true story of a man, Amin, on the verge of marriage which compels him to reveal his hidden past for the first time. A secret he has been hiding for over twenty years threatens to ruin the life he has built for himself. He recounts his dramatic journey as a child refugee from Afghanistan to Denmark. Told mostly through animation, FLEE weaves together a stunning tapestry of images and memories to tell the deeply affecting and original story of a young man grappling with his traumatic past in order to find his true self and the meaning of home.

  • Just a Guy alt Shoko Hara

    Richard Ramirez killed at least 14 people, he raped and tortured at least two dozen more. And yet, being detained in San Quentin State Prison, he has an enormous number of female groupies that are crazy about him.
    Director Shoko Hara is one of them.

  • François-Xavier Destors

    “To write grotesque things is my way of laughing at death”, once said Edgar  Hilsenrath, a Holocaust survivor who dared to turn genocide into satire in his books.  The Masturbator is an animated documentary journey through his iconoclastic,  crude and hilarious world.

  • Fili Maria Virginia Moratti 01

    The word fili means threads. This project is an animated documentary
    threading the stories and memories of people who have left everything behind.

  • Microcassette – The Smallest Cassette I’ve Ever Seen
    An animated-fiction-documentary film

    Among the garbage heaps of a big landfill on a Croatian island, Zoki uncovers a microcassette. A close study of the discarded object serves as a tribute to chance and imagination.

  • Project Description

    A Short Animated Documentary about reckless Teenagers on Holy Land.

  • image for anidox VR Rand Beyruti_Shadows

    Project Description

    As 15-year-old Ahlam fantasizes about her dream of becoming a flight attendant, she recounts fragments of a childhood overwhelmed with shadows caused by child marriage and abuse.

  • Project Description

    ‘The Host’ is a feature length documentary with animation elements that deals with the failings of international humanitarianism and challenges the European conception of a “refugee crisis” as something temporary.
    Through a mosaic structure of several mini-stories, the Host is revealed as the Lebanese state embraces, ignores or exploits the permanent impermanence which is being manufactured around Syrian refugees.

  • Project Description

    Length: 86 min.

    Baskaran of India, went to Dubai as a construction worker to give his children a better future and was sent back dead in a coffin. Officially, it is said from Dubai, it was suicide. But his family is sure: Baskaran was murdered. Artist Jayakrishnan Subramanian and co-director Franziska Schönenberger follow in the footsteps of history and give us a deep insight into the merciless business with the Indian temporary workers and their difficult living conditions.

    Author: Jaykrishnan Subramanian, Franziska Schönenberger. Camera: Christopher Aoun. Sound: Andreas Goldbrunner. Cut: Robert Vakily. Music: Vedanth Bharadwaj, Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy. Production: Nominal Film. Producer: Maximilian Plettau.

    Shadows of the desert

  • Project Description

    Sarajevo Stories is an animated short documentary that digs into the memories of Sarajevans that survived the four year long siege in the 1990’s. It examines the civilian perspective – how does living in a battlefield effect the way we eat , sleep, communicate, have relationships, celebrate birthdays, bury our dead.

  • Project Description

    An animated short followed by a series of webisodes. Simple and funny stories of maternity leave. A new mother discovers the joys and woes of leaky breasts, poopy diapers and sleepless nights. Through these are woven on-the-nose commentaries about relationships, expectations and life…

  • Project Description

    A documentary, which brings therapists and migrant patients to meet in front of the camera. to think and draw about what happens intimately when they meet «the other». A feature length Documentary mixing live-action footage and Animation, based on the drawings of both patients and therapists.

  • Project Description

    SICK OF YOU is a story about a patient’s relation to her Crohn’s disease.The syndrome is parallel to a bad romance and it represented through a patient’s relation to her disease. The reason and the cure are both unknown. No matter how the patient would do everything to get cured, her attempts to escape from the “relationship” would not solve the problem.

  • Project Description

    Friends reminisce about their Ghanaian high school’s exchange trip to Jackson, Mississippi nearly a decade earlier. But the more they remember, the uncannier it becomes.

  • Project Description

    A multimedia portrait of human voice: A strong invisible line between our inner self and the world.

  • Project Description

    Lust is a curious journey into the world of kink. As a child, director Hildegunn Wærness discovered her father’s secrets; magazines depicting people dressed in leather, engaging in sexual and violent acts. Too young to understand, too afraid to ask, she carried the weight of these secrets for many years. In 2010, Norway removed sadomasochism, fetishism and transvestism from the list of mental disorders, but still, the stigma persists. Wærness has set out on a mission to collect stories from the kink world – to ask people the questions she never dared to ask her father; to heal her childhood memories of fear and shame.

  • Project Description

    Fragmented Memories of a Massacre:
    Rasmus Voss, a historian and journalist, delves into the multiplicity of various accounts
    surrounding the massacre in Cabra, Kosovo in 1999. Many atrocities occurred during the
    war of independence in Kosovo. The massacre in Cabra was one of the decisive incidents
    leading to NATO military intervention, but the true story, what really happened in Cabra is
    yet to be told.

  • Project Description

    Las Kellys, a play on las que limpian, “the ones who clean”, is the name chosen by a group of hotel chambermaids in Spain who organized to fight for their rights. Over the fifteen minutes they have to clean a room, the same time that the short lasts, they discuss the manifold forms of invisible work largely performed by women, migrants, and the precarious.
    Through a poetic approach, the audience learns more about them, their dreams and fears, and how the motto of “the personal is political” applies to their lives.

  • Project Description

    Plaster is a coming of age story for tweens. A story about survivors – family secrets, longing and the importance of imagination, freedom and play. This project is produced by Garagefilm and supported by the Swedish film institute.

  • Project Description

    The journey of a Madagascan rickshaw puller and the hardships he goes through on a daily basis, to
    becoming an unbeatable marathon runner.

  • Project Description

    Our culture is based on stories. Stories make up our foundation. We can look at our lives as a story – our biography is our life story. Like the stories, some people are tragic and some are funny and some we do not understand at all.
    But what happens when these stories shouldn’t be told? Is it possible to let go of a story, to give it up? Is it possible to make a film about a girl whose only desire is to be rid of her story and to forget it for good?
    “Letting Go” is an animated documentary about a young girl who wants to let go of the shadows that haunt her past.

    “Letting Go” is financed by Estonian Film Institute, ANIDOX Residency and Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
    An  Estonian-Danish coproduction between Nukufilm, Silmviburlane and ANIDOX, the film would be ready for premiere in the autumn of 2017.

  • Project Description

    The Crossing is a short animated documentary about one Nigerian family’s passage across the Mediterranean Sea and the emotional journey the mother makes along the way. Through her intimate, personal story the film will bring viewers close to one of the millions of lives behind the endless images of migrants saturating the news today.

  • Project Description

    A Brazilian/Danish couple try to understand each other by focusing on their most familiar objects: a hammock and a sewing machine. Pedro wanted to hang a hammock in their apartment since he started to live with Jane. She is against the idea since the walls of the apartment are not made to support a hammock. A conversation rises from that conflict as they discover how little they know about each other’s culture.

  • Project Description

    Taking Place is a partly animated documentary that takes you on an eye-opening tour of the unseen city. Through funny and reflective stories in voice over and drawings, the artist HuskMitNavn brings attention to the social and political realities of urban life, reminding us that the city is a playground just waiting to be explored.

  • Project Description

    Black rain is a short, poetic animated documentary about the poorly-understood condition of chronic pain, and about those who experience it. These ordinary men and women overcome huge obstacles every day, in order to find ways to manage their pain and continue with their lives.
    It is a story of the mysteries of the brain and the resilience of the heart, told through a poetic visual synthesis of science and subjective experience.

  • A woman is locked in her home with an egg. She eats the egg, she repents. She kills it. She lets the egg die of hunger.

    Developed at ANIDOX:LAB 2015 and awarded the ANIDOX:RESIDENCY in 2016. Egg has gone on to win the Golden Dove at Dok Leipzig and the debut film prize at Annecy Int. Animation Festival.

    • ANIDOX Artist and Guest tutor
      martina scarpelli

      Martina is an Italian film maker based in Denmark.
      Martina holds a BA in Fine Art from “Accademy of Brera” in Milan, and a BA in Animation from “Experimental Center of Cinematography”, Turin. Alumna of Animation sans frontiers, ANIDOX:LAB and the Open Workshop residency. Martina’s short film Egg was awarded with a crystal for first film at Annecy, a Golden Dove at Dok Leipzig, Golden Horseman at Filmfest Dresden. The film, supported by the ANIDOX:RESIDENCY in 2016, was nominated for best short film at the European Animation Awards 2018 and shortlisted for the 2020 Cesar Award.
      Project: Egg

  • In the 1990s every boy around the world watched VHS karate action films and wanted to be a super hero. The fight for Lithuanian independence in 1991 gave a group of young men the chance to do just that.

  • Project Description

    As a creative collaboration between Denmark and the U. S. Virgin Islands, a series of animated short films will take us through defining rebellions in what used to be known as the Danish West Indies. The first film unfolds King June’s bloody rebellion on St. John in 1733.

  • “Making babies” is an animated documentary where different professionals working with ‘artificial’ reproduction, both in humans and dairy cattle, share their ideas and thoughts about the modern gene and reproduction technology, and also their role in creating new life.

  • Project Description

    “A monkey on my head” visualises the wild tale of a young girl and her family who have crossed the Peruvian Andes to reach exotic Amazonia. The family adopt a stinking, dirty monkey who, in turn, protects the girl from her predator uncle by shitting on her head. Aïda has a light-hearted approach to the dark and seedy topic of child sexual abuse. Her intensely personal story is littered with charmingly authentic craziness, offering hope and the chance for redemption.

  • Project Description

    The L-Team is a partly animated feature documentary about 13 handpicked youngsters who formed the first ever SWAT-like squad in 1991, just months after Lithuania, a former Soviet satellite, declared its independence. Without a proper training but with extreme courage and patriotism they were willing to stop Soviet tanks with their bare hands. And with the kicks they learned from karate VHS movies.

  • Steven Fraser_whatitfeelslike 1 Steven Fraser_whatitfeelslike 1

    What It Feels Like is short animated documentary that investigates voice hearing. Small boxes that contain flip book style animation are presented to show the emotion that people who hear voices feel.
    The documentary is experimental and expressive in its approach, where the positives and negatives combine to fully express the subversive nature of a misunderstood behaviour.

    Completed What It Feels Like in 2018: So far it has screen in over 40 film festivals and won the following awards –
    International Documentary Award – Focus on Ability Film Festival,
    Best Documentary Short – St Neots Film Festival,
    Best Amateur Short Film – Walthamstow Smartphone Film Festival,
    Smart Documentary Award – SmartPhilm Festival,
    Experimental Short Award – Dolgoji Experimental Shorts Film Festival.

    • Director
      Steven fraser

      I am an animator and writer who creates short films, comics, zines, performances and installations. I make inventive use of animation illustration, puppetry and kinetic art to present unique and interesting stories. I identify as queer, autistic and neurodivergent. My performance work has been staged in the UK and Australia and my animation work has screened at international film and arts festivals.


      Steven participated in ANIDOX:LAB 2016 with the project What It Feels Like