What is ANIDOX?

ANIDOX is an education, production, and research platform for animated and new media nonfiction projects. 

ANIDOX includes a variety of different programs designed to expand narrative horizons and embrace outsider voices, using the power of new media platforms as a call for action.

ANIDOX was founded in 2013 in Viborg, Denmark, by groundbreaking filmmakers Uri and Michelle Kranot. Working in partnership with The Animation Workshop/VIA University college, the ANIDOX programme brings together international professionals from various filmmaking disciplines, fostering collaboration, inspiration, and education. It has been the incubator for internationally recognized films like Flee, Just a Guy, Egg and more.

Over time, ANIDOX has added more programs and initiatives, supporting work in VR and new media, programs for youth and refugees, and various workshops and masterclasses.

Today, ANIDOX has become an internationally recognized hothouse and continues to be an incubator for innovative projects, and performs research exploring issues of access, funding, impact, etc.

ANIDOX actively seeks partnerships, collaboration, and new ways to further our mission. Contact us for more information.